Fundraiser Explanation

Each child must participate in the fundraiser up to two children per family.  The league has two ways to participate.
1) Pay a $25 buy-out fee.  You do not have to sell anything.
2) Sell a pack of Wawa tickets.  The pack is 15 tickets that sell for $5 each ($75).  You sell the tickets, then pay the league $75 per pack or you can pay for the tickets up front, then keep the money after you sell them to reimburse yourself.

If you register online, your only option is to pay a buy-out fee which is $25 per player.  If you wish to sell Wawa sub tickets you can register in-person. 

Online Registration: Lets say you are registering two children online, you would pay $25 x 2 =$50, plus registration fee.
In-person registration you have multiple options:
1) Pay $25 per player for the buy-out fee (2 children) your cost $50, plus registration fee.
2) Pay $25 (1 child) and sell one pack of Wawa tickets (1 child) your cost $25, plus registration fee.
3) Sell two packs of Wawa tickets (2 children) your cost $0, plus registration fee.

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