Background Check
Little League International requires all coaches and volunteers to complete a background check.  You can find the application HERE

Abuse Awareness Training

You are also required to complete the Abuse Awareness Training.  You will need to register to take the training.
The interactive Abuse Awareness training should take approximately 30 minutes. The training can be accessed at

Coaches Expectations

The purpose of this handout is to provide guidance to new coaches and be a reminder to returning coaches about the expectations for coaching at Elmer Little League.

Batting Cage Sign-ups

All Elmer Little League teams have access to our batting cages.
Before reserving cages, please keep in mind:
  1. If any teams have a game that night, please let them use the cages for BP if they want them.  Most games are scheduled for 6:00.
  2. If you're using the cage prior to a game, please try to limit your time in the tunnels.  5-10 swings per kid.
  3. You may reserve any 2 of the following:
    1. Left Tunnel
    2. Right Tunnel
    3. Back Tunnel
    4. Right Bullpen
    5. Left Bullpen
    If you are using the bullpen, please use a rake to fill in and pack down the holes on the pitching mounds.

March Batting Cage Sign-ups for Elmer Little League
April Batting Cage Sign-ups for Elmer Little League
May Batting Cage Sign-ups for Elmer Little League
June Batting Cage Sign-ups for Elmer Little League (Coming Soon)

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