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Mar, 2022

Clean-up Day

Clean-up Day is March 19, 8:30 a.m. to noon—no practices can be scheduled anywhere that morning. Please plan on volunteering to clean up the Elmer LL complex. Players should be accompanied by a parent--no drop-offs, please. We will need help with the following projects that day:

  • Raking leaves—please bring rakes and tarps. Good job for younger kids with parents.
  • Picking up trash throughout the complex. Good job for younger kids with parents.
  • Power-washing of bleachers to remove chipping paint. Ideally, we need three groups tackling this. Each group will need to bring their own power washer and hoses.
  • Rebuilding of minor league mound. We will need wheelbarrows to transport the dirt.
  • Deep clean of bathroom and painting of stalls. We will provide paint, brushes and rollers. Painting is best done by someone with experience.
  • Removal of fence topping on the major league baseball field and installation of new yellow-topping. (need 2 people)
  • Installation of sponsor signs (need 8 people)
  • Installation of batting cages (need 4 people). Need at least two 8-ft ladders.
  • Trimming of some trees. Please bring a chainsaw.
  • Sweeping out of sheds and garages. Please bring large brooms.

We typically need 30-40 adults to get the work done in 3 hours. Thanks so much for setting aside time on Saturday. See you then.

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